Web Based Product Solutions

Automechanic Management

The Auto Mechanic Engine was designed to take the burden out of managing your auto mechanic shop.

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Yousual Project Management

Online project management and collaboration tool used to manage small or large scalled projects.

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Yousual Document Management

A complete document management online tool.

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Yousual Digital Asset Management Systems

A complete Digital Asset Management Systems

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Yousual Email Marketing Suite

A complete email marketing suite. Build marketing landing pages or newsletters at the click of a button, then send them to your targetted email subscribers.

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Yousual Survey Lion

Easily create surveys for your customers or clients to gain valuable insights about how you do business and how they feel about the services you supply. Make improvements base on their feedback to better satisfy them. Featuring various reporting and analytical tools.

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Yousual Interview Scheduler

HR's best friend. No need for repeated calls to set up interview times with potential candidates, our product handles that for you, with convienience.

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Yousual Collaboration Portal

A place where groups and teams within your organization can go to collaborate on project ideas, share material and ideas, and improve your company's overall cohesiveness.

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