Social Media and Social Networking

Social networks and social networking tools and strategies are increasingly being utilized successfully by many different companies. By incorporating social networking features into your website you can gain viral marketing advantages that will keep your business on the minds of your customers, while promoting your business to new potential customers.

Goals of Implementing Social Media

The key goals in integrating social networking media into your business website are to gain the advantages of branding for your business, and to increase profits. Each implemented feature should try to accomplish at least one of these goals. You should aim to form a network of customers who support your business, then try to use that network to reach others – hence increasing your network, strengthening your company brand and building business awareness.

Advantages of Incorporating Social Media

There are many advantages of incorporating social media into your business website.

  • When implemented and executed properly, social engines can significantly increase your profits, your business brand and your customer loyalty.
  • Social media can greatly increase the number of business referrals that you receive, either from word of mouth or from the many traces of bits social data out there that will lead someone to your business.
  • It gives you an outlet to learn more about and interact with your customers, this leads to more satisfied customers and gives you data to act on in order to improve and grow your business.
  • It increases business retention as your business will be fresher on the minds of your customers.
  • It gives you a competitive edge over your competitors who have not implemented social media into their businesses. It also puts you into the competition with those who are ahead of you and already have.
  • Search engines love social media content. This will greatly benefit your business website in regards to search engine rankings.

Types of Social Media Tools

These are some of the more popular types of social media and Social Networking tools that we Develop for our clients:

  • Blog website design and development
  • Forum website development
  • User Polls
  • Videos and Video Galleries
  • Images and photo albums and photo galleries
  • Voting Platforms
  • Rating systems
  • User Comment Systems
  • RSS feeds, and other Aggregate systems
  • Chat and messaging systems
  • Friendship/ Community platforms
  • Newsletter systems
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