Keywork Research

A detailed level of keyword researching is important in order to effectively optimize your website for search engines (SEO) or to optimize it for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. A good search engine optimization expert should know this and should always perform this important key step. They should also share this information with you and weight the values of every keyword on the final list. You should have an understanding of the values of each keyword to your business and to the general industry in which you are competing.

Our process of researching and developing keywords during our keyword research phase has been well tested and proven:

  1. We start our research with your business, the products and services you provide, and the target market that you currently serve and wish to serve.
  2. We then move our focus to researching your website and analyzing what keywords currently drive traffic to your site and what potential successful keywords exist on your site that could drive more traffic to your business.
  3. Using sophisticated, intelligent, and analytical keyword software packages, we will perform an advance keyword research of your industry to determine and obtain a list of the most suitable keywords for your industry of business or “niche.”
  4. For each appropriate keyword on our list, we will analyze the search frequency of each word in each of the major search engines.
  5. We will also determine and rank the keywords according to market competition to determine which words are hardest to optimize for and which are easiest.
  6. With the input of our client we would then determine our targeted list of keywords that we will perform website search engine optimization for.
  7. Using our final keyword list, we will then thoughtfully optimize our client’s website and website pages by writing codes for targeted keywords. The entire process will be well thought out and analyzed to ensure that the optimization code and strategy used on each page is most effective.
  8. We will create unique title and Meta tag data for each site pages that are in line with the determined keyword plan and strategy.
  9. We will also optimize all image tags and other content in accordance with the keyword plans.